Good day world!

So I always feel somewhat self-conscious when writing the first few words of a new blog. It’s that sensation of talking with people you’ve never met and, most likely, never will.

The obvious starting point is what this is all about, muse & creator. As a photographer it becomes blindingly obvious pretty quickly that you’ve got nothing unless you have something to photograph. Clearly, as I am a fashion and commercial photographer, that subject matter tends to have legs and arms… and a head… Therefore we have our ‘muse’.

Similarly all the models in the world would remain undiscovered without that creative image making process, the photographer or ‘creator’.

I truly believe that to create a fabulous, stunning photograph requires the talents of everyone working together as a team, model, MUA, stylist, hair, and of course, the photographer.

Over the coming months and years I hope that muse and creator will inspire you, the viewer, give you joy, hope, exasperation, and an appreciation of the talents of all those professions mentioned above.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, make requests even. The whole point of this is to satisfy you, the viewing public… or client!