It’s been a funny old month!

I simply had no other way to describe the last month or so while I’ve been apparently “AWOL”. The Big Thing that has happened is that my wife and I moved house.

Now you might have thought that moving just 2 1/2 miles would not cause so much upheaval and angst and you’d be entirely wrong. I think there is a law of something which has to state that however far you move, the mania quotient is unchanged!

So, anyone want a sneaky peak at the inside of our new castle? Oh, it is a new castle too and we got to pick EVERYTHING that went in here. I say “we” but you just know that really it was my super-designer wife who picked most things. She was in utter paradise at the design studio but I did get my way on the stone in our bathroom!

Pictures, from “pre-house” to semi-completed chaos!