Shooting Snow!

Have you heard the one about how you have to overexposed your images when shooting in snow? Does that sound counter intuitive to you? After all with all that white ‘n’ light about surely you have to underexpose right?

To understand why you have to overexpose requires understanding something of the basics of how a camera light meter “reads” a scene. Now this applies whether you have a brand new, state-of-the-art DSLR or your using grandpa’s old Nikon FM (old fogies start sighing here!).

20130224-121056.jpg That basic principle that your camera is following is the principle that the scene it’s looking at is “18% gray”. The camera is assuming that mostly everything contained in your scene is has a luminance of 18% (this is subtly different to reflectance but I won’t go into that in this post).

What this means to you is that when your scene contains a lot of bright white “stuff”, like snow or, ummm a wedding dress, your camera is going to try to “assume” that it is really 18% gray and UNDER expose! Your snow will look gray and yucky and somewhere around here your bride and her mother will be chasing you with heavy sharp objects.

Remember, if you are shooting something that is really white, expect to need to use your exposure compensation to ‘bump’ up your exposure anything from 1/3 to a full stop.

The image above was shot on my iPhone and I am fairly impressed that it did a pretty good job of my snow covered car from this weekend in Prescott, AZ. I feel that it is a touch underexposed though.


Elyse Reuben Custom Couture

This is connected with my previous post about the Temecula Creek Inn Engagement Party ( but I thought it would make a good separate blog post.

Elyse Reuben were the couture designers showing gowns at the show and their gowns are gorgeous! If you have a copy of San Diego Style Weddings magazine and there is a black/pewter colored dress on the cover, that is their gown and it’s beautiful!


I received a request from the organizers that, if possible, they would really,really like some images of the gowns before the runway show. So given I had a camera with me… well I leapt at the chance! There were 4 models and 4 gowns. Special thanks to Designs by Creative Floral for providing the bridal bouquet I used in some of these shots. Below are a few more images from the shoot. The dress designer is Jaime Stephens and she is wonderful!  if you like the gowns, go to Elyse Reuben Custom Couture in Temecula

_DSC9427-Edit  _DSC9392-Edit _DSC9198-Edit

Temecula Creek Inn Spring Engagement Event 2013

So yesterday we attended our first wedding show at the Temecula Creek Inn, which is a well known destination wedding venue in Temecula. It’s been a frantic last few weeks getting everything prepared and again I’d like to thank the folks at Leather Craftsmen for the work they put in getting our sample album put together and it was a HUGE hit. Also a shout out to Bay Photo and for the metal prints and printed products.

_DSC9420-EditThe other things that were a big hit were the metal prints we brought to the show. It seems that some people have heard of them but not ever seen one. Almost everyone had to pick them up and do the “touchy-feely” test. They loved how the colors just seemed to “pop” off the metal. We can also testify to the durability of them as they blew off the table 3 or 4 times and are completely unscratched!

It was a great opportunity to start to network with other vendors. I can recommend a couple of florists (see tags below) as they not only had great products but were highly entertaining while we were all setting up our tables.

The location is fantastic, a secluded wooded glen close to the golf course. If you are looking for a wedding venue Temecula Creek Inn has several great features but one, potentially, really important one. As TCI is so secluded there are no time constraints for your reception. Party to 4 in the morning if you want!

_DSC9512-EditSo for us the event was great, a number of excellent wedding leads and a wonderful start to the season.