Photos and memories

Yesterday I made a post on my Facebook page ( and the subject was what I love about photography. It was an instant Twitter-like post but I thought more about it today and thought it might deserve more words.

The main point of the post was that I had been looking at some images I shot a little over 10 years ago. Due to the wonders of meta data I knew exactly when I had shot the pictures. They were shots of me messing around with lighting and the only subjects I had at the time were various items in the house, cups, coffee maker, etc. This was also somewhat a past life for me as it was the old house in the UK and was just after I’d returned from a nearly 2 year posting to Arizona, USA. That’s just to paint the picture for you, the reader!

As I looked at the shots I suddenly realized that some if the things in the shots were still with me. In fact there were still scattered around my desk and close by (I work in a “work” environment, ya dig).

As I looked at those items on my desk and looked at the pictures I was suddenly hit by the ENORMOUS power photographs have in our lives. A photograph records a split second in time (usually around 1/125th or so) and freezes that time forever. A year after, 2 years, 10 or 100 years (hopefully) you or your descendants can look at those images and be transported back to that split second….. They can be reunited with friends, family, loved ones that might or might not be with them, or in my case it was something as simple as a tiny pewter “dram” cup.

Photographers, the power we have is AWESOME. We are time travelers and reuniters. We are pretty darn awesome!