Convention Season: WPPI

Between the first week of September and the first week of March we photographers have “convention season”. Well I guess it is more fair to say that Photoshop World in September finishes off the year and ImagingUSA kicks off the next!

I have just got back from the WPPI convention, in Vegas (I wonder why they are always in Vegas? Could it have something to do with the plentiful hotel accommodation and ample adult themed entertainment?). WPPI stands for the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention and it has to be one of the biggest in the world. I heard estimates of between 12,000 and 20,000 delegates!



You might think that there is a lot of partying going on at these events but you’d be wrong! Seminar sessions usually start around 8:15 or 8:30am and often go on late into the evening. There is, of course, the Expo to navigate!


Here is my quick ‘n’ dirty pic of what the Expo floor looks like.

As you’d imagine it is full of people looking at shiny things. Things that we photographers need and things that we want! The difference is that the things we need are usually kinda boring, like accounting software. They are really essential though whereas the things we want are all shiny and cool and gadgety! Like the Camranger which allows you to remotely control your camera via an iPad or iPhone but you can also see what the camera sees! I’m all giddy just thinking about the possibilities!

I was good! I did not fall prey to the shiny things (but I sure wanted to!). I looked carefully at album companies and I am happy to add Graphistudio, Fineo and probably West Coast Albums to my offerings as well as possibly Album Epoca.

Both Graphistudio and Album Epoca are Italian companies and ooze that European style which I love so much. I have attached some links below so you can see all the goodness! Fineo is a wonderfully eclectic company that I have described as “San Fran Styley”. I love their booth at the show as it is wild! All red beaded curtains and leopard print ottomans! Gorgeous! West Coast Albums exude a classic style with subtly modernity. Think of walnut paneled rooms but with a stainless steel espresso machine!


Album Epoca


West Coast Albums

I can’t finish without a little bit of iPhone-ography!IMG_7737

Now back to the usual post Vegas decompression, reality thing!






Is it really only March?


Phew…. what a year! Is it over? Oh, it’s March…..

It has been a crazy busy year so far. I just might be tempted to say ‘cray-cray’ but I am definitely NOT in my 20’s-30’s….

The big news is that we finally have our first (in California) magazine in San Diego Style Magazine. We are excited and we hope that you will love the image we chose. It has been fun working with those guys and actually you don’t get to say that often. Usually there is teeth gnashing and frantic editing and re-editing!

Magazine Ad_02_02_2014GS

Our ad will run in the next edition of the magazine and so we should be seeing it VERY soon! Excited? You bet!

We just got back from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas. Four days of learning (and partying) from the worlds top photographers! It was a great event!