Wedding Fashions: Gowns!


It does not take much for that little fashion-y maven in my to come out. I have been reposting a ton of images from Strictly Weddings on my Facebook page just recently.

I really love the stories they post, gorgeous venus fabulous event creation and, of course, stunning gowns. Just recently I have been obsessed by one designer in particular. Note, the images I am about to post ARE NOT MINE and they should link back to the designer web site!


The designer is Galia Lahav and take a look at their web site. Stunningly beautiful dresses like this one below!

Seriously, is this not a gorgeous, beautiful gown! How about this one?

Or this??

I love that there are designers out there doing this kind of work. A woman’s wedding gown should be a fantasy, beyond fantasy. She already looks radiant; it is her wedding day. To be radiant and to be looking stunning in a fantastically sexy and amazing gown…. well it makes my job a LOT easier!

Now… PLEASE can I work with your gowns…. please!!! 🙂


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