Question Time!

First may I take the chance to wish everyone a very Happy New Year

No, this is not a discussion about the British political talk show, my question to you as photographers is what fashion company is your ‘guilty pleasure’? I mean, which company’s advertising shots makes you go all weak at the knees and a little drool-ish?

Guess by Marciano
Models: Evandro Soldati & Heide Lindgren
Photographer: Alix Malka

Yep, I confess that for me it’s Guess (actually there are at least two as I’m also very excited by what Bottega Veneta get up to!)

Why do I get all misty eyed about Guess? Well I guess that it is the fact that they still hold on to shooting monochrome. I am also smitten by the 50’s Italian look that the generate with such ease.

They also do color and they do it so very well. I love the high contrast look and the super-saturated colors, emphasizing blues. Yep, much love for Guess here so if you want to experiment and throw an ad campaign in the direction of a young (humm actually not so young) Temecula photographer, please give me a call!