Photoshop World Vegas 2012

So I’m back, from outer space! Okay no, not outer space but visiting Vegas often feels like an off-world experience and visiting Vegas for my first Photoshop World especially so.

As this was my first event I decided on the ‘immersive’ approach and signed up for just about everything I could. I had very high expectations for the event and a few days before leaving I started to get nervous. What if it didn’t live up to those expectations? Would I be depressed? Would Scott Kelby bite off my arms? Okay I wasn’t so worried about losing limbs but I left Temecula at about 4:30am on the 4th with some concerns, mostly that I’d not make it through to the evening!

I did not need to worry! Not only did the event live up to those high expectations, it massively exceeded them. This event is awesome, and epic!

The first thing I did really right was to get a Speed Pass! I loved wafting into the workshops and heading straight for the front of class. More on this later. The next thing I did right was to be alert to changing my mind on the sessions I wanted to attend. You’ll want to visit everything and do everything but it is just not possible, not even close. You’ll get to about a quarter of what you want to see and that is it.

Organizationally I cannot find any fault, only praise! The event seemed to go flawlessly to me although I am sure there was much of the ‘duck’ action going on behind the scenes, you know on the surface all serene sailing by but beneath the waves frantic paddling!

I have to confess that I did not attend many of the techy technique type seminars. I did attend Scott’s Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It talk, one on Lightroom 4 by Matt Kloskowski, and a Photoshop CS6 tips and tricks session with Dave Cross and that was it!

All my other sessions were photographer themed sessions or on marketing type stuff. The first one which comes to mind is the open panel on Google+. So there was some talk about G+ but a lot of talk about other social media platforms such as Twitter and, of course, Facebook (Twitbook or Facer anyone?). Matt K hosted and as it was very free-form. He initially asked for questions from wanted the floor but given that RC, Matt K, Tamera Laskey, Jeremy Cowart, Colby Brown & Mike Wiacek (from Google) were on the panel WE COULD NOT GET A WORD IN!!! 🙂 It was a great session, hugely informative and definitely should be repeated! So what we overran by at least 15 mins!

I’d like to try to pick a highlights reel, but really the entire event was a highlight, from the wonderfully talented folks teaching to all the great new friends I’ve met. It was a blast!

Not only am I already planning my visit next year but I am thinking I should bring my studio manager, aka my wife, aka ‘person who says no a lot’!